DIY Genital Wart Removal

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Finding out that you have a case of genital warts can be a moment in life that is a bit of a struggle however there is no need to anic because as many as one in five people get genital warts in their life and at least fifty percent of people will catch some form of sexually transmitted infection. Going to the doctor to have this little problem removed would be your first option hawever for those without insurance you may find that a trip to the doctor is not within your budget.

Lucky for us there are some home remedies for gential wart removal that do work however not everything you read is a definate answer. The warts are also called by another name which is Human Pappiloma Virus or HPV for short. The warts can be found on men usually around the testicles and on the penis shaft and for women they will be on the vagina and sometimes on the anus if the infection spreads.

The first remedy is a simple one which is the use of vitamin E oils. The oil as well as crushed garlic on the infection will normally clear up the skin and adding adhesive tape to the skin can also help to remove the warts. Another home remedy that many people have claimed to work is ordinary apple juice. With the addition of onion juice which has an acidic property or vinager and apple juice applied a few times per day the warts will slowly disappear.

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