What To Do After Genital Warts Removal

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If you have genital warts, you can remove them using various methods such as cutting them off, freezing, burning them with a laser or with chemicals. But what happens after removal? What should you do? You have to expect weeks of healing and carefully monitor the area to ensure that no complications will take place.


After you removed your genital warts, there are other things you’ll have to consider:

1. Time as healing may take up to four weeks, you have to postpone your daily activities after one or three days.

2. If your genital warts have been cut off, take care of stitches by cleaning the area several times a day and be sure that there are no infections.


3. Precautions are always the best method to avoid complications. Sexual intercourse can cause problems, so you should stop that until the area heals entirely.

4. Tell your doctor in case you experience severe pain, fever or a yellowish discharge. These are signs that complications or infections are present.


5. Remember that even if you get rid of those genital warts, you still don’t get rid of the human papillomavirus or HPV. Women have to be checked regularly to ensure that no abnormal cells develop on their cervix. Men have to use condoms to prevent spreading the infection.


Don’t try to remove the warts at home because it can be dangerous. Instead, a doctor looks for potential risks and has a lot of experience, so he knows what to do in case complications emerge.

If you removed the warts, but you want to get pregnant or you’re already pregnant, discuss with your doctor. Pregnant women can pass the virus to the baby as genital warts are also in the birth canal area.

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